Five questions for defensive line coach Gerald Broussard...

How has practice gone this week?
Broussard: "Practice has been extremely productive this week. The players showed a lot of emotion, enthusiasm and were playing fast. It looks like we were able to put last Saturday's game behind us and focus on preparing for and playing FIU."

What were some of the fundamental aspects of the game the defense focused on this week?
Broussard: "Basically, the same thing we focus on every week. We stressed getting off of blocks, trying to make tackles, being in our proper gaps and just being technique sound in all that we do."

What are some of the strengths of the FIU offense?
Broussard: "The main strength is their speed. They have an experienced quarterback and several good receivers. Their entire offensive line is back from last year and it's a physical group of guys. Plain and simple - they're fast and they play fast."

What will be the keys to success for the Cajuns this Saturday?
Broussard: "Truly, it's going to be the same factors as every Saturday. We have to be gap sound and make the tackles when they are there to be made. Looking back on last week, we can't afford to give up the deep pass and we have to make them (FIU) earn everything that they get. In the running game, whoever is carrying the ball we have to get them on the ground."

Is this a good time to go on the road for an extended period of time?
Broussard: "It is what it is. You can't complain about's the next game on our schedule. We're excited because the road trips are always a good time for bonding and just spending time with one another. We're excited about the opportunity to go to Miami."