The Acadiana area is trying to generate 300 Maxwell Football club members in
order to be awarded the first ever chapter of the Maxwell Football Club
outside of the original chapter in Philadelphia (1935). This would not only
give our area national attention, but also allow us to award our local high
school football players, college football players, and our Saints
with awards we will create and give out each year at our awards dinner. In
addition, we would be able to raise money for scholarships for our young
athletes. Unlike the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell awards are voted on by the
people. It's the people's award for the best college and pro football
players. Many of you have watched these awards given out during the ESPN
college football awards show sponsored by the home depot.

New leadership has taken over in the Maxwell Football Club and the race is
on to become the first outside chapter. I was promised that if we get the
300 members by mid November, we will be awarded the first chapter even if
some area sprints ahead. That being said, we can't wait too long. As of
now we stand near 100 members in the area. If each of us can
Sign up AND REFER ONE MEMBER this week it will go a long way toward our

With Drew Brees and Coach Payton being Maxwell award winners, there is no
question that these two will become a part of our Maxwell community once we
are established.

Please help spread the word, JOIN, and keep getting members!!!

Join the Maxwell Football Club:

or (upload form and send it to the UL department of Kinesiology
as explained)