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Thread: Conference Supremacy through bowls

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    Default Conference Supremacy through bowls

    Conference USA has virtually locked up the top mark of the Group of 5 with a final -4 rating, followed by the American (-9), Mountain West (-12), Sun Belt (-13), Mid-American (-16). With CUSA done with a 4-1 mark and Cincinnati of the American losing by 16 ...

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    Default Re: Conference Supremacy through bowls

    Need ASU to win to lock up 4th; boise loss needed to have any chance pass up MWC for 3rd. ASU loss and chance for 5th of 5 in G5 is very likely. CUSA did well at 4-1. Giving credit where its due. If CMU wins over WKU and it's a different leader. But it doesnt help us much either way

    .....spilt milk analysis: USA was the belts 6th of 10 best team. GSU would probably won against BG. At 3-0 belt would have decent chance at #1.

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