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Thread: Game Thread: LOUISIANA (16) VS APP ST (35)

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    Default Re: Game Thread: LOUISIANA (16) VS APP ST (35)

    Quote Originally Posted by jcstewart View Post
    Lamb completed 11/22 for 195
    Broadway completed 21/33 for 160

    Yards per completion/attempt show who the threat to go down field was and a threat to burn a secondary.
    Poor Lamb...he would have been 20-22 if he didn't overthrow wide open receivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolCajun123 View Post
    Next yr equals....
    New QB
    New DC
    New OC
    .... And the return of Robinson (hopefully with Haack if he doesn't transfer)
    Or we might have another free Haack Campaign

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    Default Re: Game Thread: LOUISIANA (16) VS APP ST (35)

    I'm just getting around to posting about this pathetic game by the Cajuns. I was there and surely expected a better performance than what I saw. The past two weeks, our offensive play was predictable and stiff. The defenses were stacking the middle and we had no counter strategy. Our QB, for whatever the reason is, cannot throw down field and teams know it. These short passes and pitches are not getting it done. Special Teams failed in the first half, giving up a TD. The defense was what we've seen all year, adequate against the run, terrible on 3rd down, no pass rush and uncontested receivers running around all day long. Just an overall pathetic showing again late in November when this seems to be a trend now under Coach Hud. What is it about the QB position, that some coaches just refuse to let someone else try and give the team a spark. I'm not saying bench TB and not let him back next week, I'm saying sometimes a change of pace is needed when you can't seem to move the ball. Other positions are changed out regularly and when ineffective, this coaching staff should have someone else up to speed and able to take over at QB. I don't care if it's Haack or Nixon, but come on, the goal is to win the game not protect someone's ego. The offense was lethargic, and I believe the coaches failed miserably on all accounts trying to continue to run up the middle when it was clear App state was plugging it up.

    A lot of this was already said by others, but I had to let it out. I'm not over it, like some of you that like to put it behind you so quickly. That's great for you if that works, but that's not the way I see it.

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