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Thread: To Be or Not To Be ... in the Sun Belt

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    Default Re: Nobody wants to be in the Sun Belt

    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    _ I am sick of the sleeping giant thing

    we just need to make it happen---and then I see we lose 3 guys to Tulane who could have had the Tyrell and Des publicity for their lives in the Lafayette area!!!! _


    I'm not talking about any sleeping giant. I am speaking about demographics that may or may not be of particular interest to an inquiring conference seeking new membership...GEEZ

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    Default Re: Nobody wants to be in the Sun Belt

    Quote Originally Posted by RCAJUN90 View Post
    I'm just not sure if UL is very serious about football. If UL is not then we are all spinning our wheels. _
    It sounds like I am splitting hairs... but "UL" is serious about football. "UL", to me, is all of us. Unfortunately, there are people in major pivotal power positions that can trump a lot of build up potential for seriousness. That is why I harp on the leadership. I do not do it for my entertainment. I know what I'm talking about. The "Cajun Nation" or whatever people want to call the UL system of people are not going to miraculously do anything different for the school. It takes the leadership to move boldly first... and others will follow. Everyone pretty much seems to know this intellectually... the way everyone got pumped that we launched RCAF. The problem with this milestone is... that it is only the first step. The rest of the leadership tools need to be employed. I did hear that they listened to some TAF folks explain a lot of the methods, ups and downs, and other things that make private funding work. Hopefully, they didn't do the typical UL administration selective listening... and they will employ the system full scale. It involves a lot of risk. It is bold and it puts a lot of pressure on the administration. They cannot be pressure and risk averse. It is time...

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