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Thread: Cajuns want more McGuire

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    Louisiana football coach Mark Hudspeth was convinced in the immediate aftermath of his team's 34-9 loss at Boise State that his big-time playmaker didn't have the ball in his hands enough. It has been somewhat of a refrain this season for the ...

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    We are coming up on the 4th game of the season and we have heard this since the summer, get McGuire more touches. Coach Hud sounds more like a spectator than the man that is in charge. He is the one responsible for making this happen, so make it happen Coach. Others have said it, and I agree, I am tired of hearing the excuse of not having Jamal in the line-up. Why aren't the other receivers ready to take the load? So, next year we are in real trouble because we won't have Jamal? I think half the problem is on the other end of the pass, but all we hear is Jamal is missing, Jamal is missing.

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    Kind of taken a while to realize this, considering he pretty much won the Troy game for us last year.

    He had 7 carries for 82 yards 1 TD and 1 catch for 60 yards and 1 TD. We won by 5 points.

    Man those jerseys look nice.

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    Has been obvious since the Nichols game that he is the best player on our team. Not sure why its taking some so long to figure this out.

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