"What does it Matter?" (thanks Hillary) this game between Tech and UL? Will it stop ISIS? Will the national economy improve? Can the outcome determine if Cancer will be cured? Of course not....however by reading most of what has been written this week, one coach knows why it matters and the other is content with disrespecting his opposition by refering to it as a town and not a school.

What does it matter that one coach leans on the historical past of this game so to have his troops prepair at the highest level while the other side can't even seem to muster any link to it's past even to the point that a well known local LT former player hasn't been motivated to offer his 2 cents on the past games. Just seems like the former giants of that school to the north no longer care or recognize the rivalry of the past. Maybe they know something we don't....Like Tech can't win this game, but hey, What does it matter....they're content with being a smaller fish in a precieved bigger pond while UL isn't content with past accomplishments, looking instead to be the big fish in the smaller pond while prepairing itself for upward instead of latteral movement.

Here's why it matters. IF you don't recognize the short comings of the past, you'll never totally appreciate the accomplishments of the present, nor the goals of the future. So grateful that Hud knows why this game matters and what the long and short term impact of this game (or series) means, while the guys at Tech refuse to recognize anything of the sort. Hell, they can't even get the name of our school right.

Tonight, the game may only be a one-sided rivalry. UL will bring the emotional baggage of the past and play with a chip on its should to rid for once and for all the reasons why Tech refuses to acknowlege UL as the accomplishments athletically on and off the field. Emotion trumps all, UL 50 Tech21