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Thread: University of Louisiana - Email Upgrades

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    The upgrades to the UL mail system continue.

    We are about to begin migrating users from the old Zimbra mailstores to the new and improved Zimbra mailstores. The migration project will occur during the overnight hours starting this Saturday, 8/23/2014 and continue each evening until the entire campus is converted.

    The migration should be quite transparent except for a minute or two of outage when your account is being moved.

    The migration should not require you to modify any configurations in any of your devices or mail clients.

    If you are accessing you email from the web the following suggestions could help, if any problems occur.
    • Clear your web browser's cache before login
    • If you have a large quota and many folders, you may find that your usual folders are not visible on the left hand column. It is caused by the rebuilding of your mailbox indexes after the migration.
    • It should take no more than 30 minutes to rebuild the index depending on the size of your mailbox and system load condition.

    As always, if you have any problems or concerns contact the IT Help Desk.

    AND REMEMBER - we will never ask you for your password or direct you to a non louisiana.edu address to complete anything requiring upgrades or account maintenance.


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    UL 1984, 1999 . . . . Re: University of Louisiana - Email Upgrades

    Louisiana.edu Now that says something long term ladies and gents!!!

    ps This is NOT a name thread, just saying!

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    Default Re: University of Louisiana - Email Upgrades

    Yeah, but it's always been Louisiana.edu.

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    Default Re: University of Louisiana - Email Upgrades

    Quote Originally Posted by nathancpike View Post
    Yeah, but it's always been Louisiana.edu.
    True but it was a split message since ULL.edu went to the same pages.

    A couple/few years ago T-Joe killed the ulltimate insult to focus on Louisiana.edu

    One of his best moves to date.

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