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Thread: Coach Evans on the SportsNote

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    UL Basketball Coach Evans on the SportsNote

    The AJ situation is a non story, but all the |'s must be crossed and all the i's must be dotted.

    Scheduling continues to be a problem even on their court for one simple reason Louisiana is good! Home games are even harder to come by.

    However . . .

    Yesterday coach Evans on Jays show said he has $30 to $40 G's that he can use to lure team or teams to the dome next season. .I wonder who some of you think this money could/should be used on.

    It seems he will try use last years early success against nationally ranked teams, as a spring board to fast start against Georgia Tech in the Preseason NIT. It won't be easy Georgia Tech was 13-2 at home last year.

    If Louisiana can win that game there is a good chance of the second game coming to UL. Two wins and you are in Madison square gardens.

    He mentioned Anthony Johnsons Pro prospectus but I missed what he said.

    Next years team (later this year) will be good.

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    i certainly "enjoyed" the adjective that was used for a certain article out of the N.O. area.. (smiles)

    yes the coach certainly felt very comfortable in terms of how this jpeters thing would turn out. mentioned that we should see something "officially" in the next few days..

    he also was with me in my thinking of the "soon to be discussed" rules/laws that will outlaw the use of cell phones in lockerooms.. (smiles)

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    30 to 40g's? I am sure he has not had that amount of money in the past. It sounds like a good figure to bring in a low-to middle bcs team in here. At least he has money to play around with this time around.

    Is there anyway to put the interview of Jessie on the internet to listen too? I would love to hear it, and couldn't be by a radio when it was on. Thanks snote if you can.

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    Are we having the same problems as last year or did MS go to class? Is he going to Summer School does anyone know?

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