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    This is what we can do when we put our minds to it. Remember, this was the first time we've ever done this fundraiser, and we set a national record.


    When the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society set its sights on the Acadiana community to raise money for research, they had no idea what was possible.

    For eight weeks beginning in May, a committee chaired by UL President Dr. Ray Authement planned every detail for a successful campaign. This group included Ross Brupbacher, Camille Claiborne, Wayne Denton, James Easton, Charles Fenstermaker, Jean Kreamer, Jim McGehee, Bill Rucks, Pat Trahan, Sally Ware and Ron Webb. Each member was responsible for recruiting nominees for the 2002 Man and Woman of the Year contest. These recruits - or candidates - traveled across Acadiana, raising money for the Society. Some held contests and others solicited donations and many did both. The nominees were judged solely on the money they raised. Each dollar counted for one vote.

    On June 20, the collecting came to an end during a grand finale celebration in the Cajundome's new Convention Center. For that event, participants were invited to bid on select items - including a an autographed pair of Mohammed Ali's boxing trunks - during both silent and live auctions while enjoying food and drinks.

    Participants also met the 2002 Boy and Girl of the Year during the grand finale. This year's Boy of the Year is 10-year-old Micah Brown of Scott and Girl of the Year is 13-year-old Jessica Viator from Coteau.

    Named Man of the Year was Jim Dore who raised more than $46,000 while Woman of the Year was Paulette Landry who raised more than $13,000. Other candidates included Barbara Authement, Mike Barras, Mary Jane Bauer, Robert Benoit, Marianne Breaux, Don Briggs, Sharee Broussard, Tom Brown, Chris Canty, Marcelle Citron, Jackie Espree, Edgar Feinberg, Bill Fenstermaker, DeAnne Henke, Katy Landry, Linda Morris, Marc Mouton, Mike Neustrom, Jim Poche, Kaliste Saloom III, Larry Smith, David Spizale, Deborah Terribile, Adrian Vega, Vernon Ventress and Buddy Webb.

    After all the money was tallied that night, the Society's original goal of $50,000 was surpassed in a big way. The grand total announced that night was $202,000 with more money still coming in. At last count, the grand total was more than $210,000. According to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, this is a national record for a such an event! .

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    It is nice to see the tradition continue. Actually there is a history of fund raising success at UL, albeit on a different level.

    Check out this 1945 effort.

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