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Thread: Just like the one Billy Ryckman wears!!!

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    Default Just like the one Billy Ryckman wears!!!


    Learning responsibility the cold-fashioned way

    Len Robbins

    Syndicated Columnist

    It was exactly what I wanted.

    Even though it was July and 101 degrees out, for my birthday, I had asked for a genuine NFL Atlanta Falcons letterman-type jacket out of the J.C. Penney's catalog, which I think cost around $35 - a bundle back in the mid '70s.

    And on my birthday, I ripped through the wrapping like mad and there it was - just what I wanted. It was red with white leather sleeves. My parents, who had given me the jacket, issued two missives: Don't wear it until it gets cold; and take care of it. You won't get another one.

    Apparently, I had already established somewhat of a reputation for losing things. I promised I would follow their rules, then proceeded to wear it around the house all summer, sweating profusely through July and August.

    When the thermometer hit 72 degrees in mid-September, I unveiled the jacket before all my jealous elementary-school brethren.

    "Just like the one Billy Ryckman wears," I told them, oblivious to the fact that I was the only one in my school who knew that Billy Ryckman was a little-used Falcon receiver.

    Later in the school day, once the oohs and aahs had ceased for my new torso-wear, recess came. Not wanting to be bulked down while running around wildly, I placed my pride and joy in the jacket pile with the other clothing.

    Forty-five minutes later, I returned to the jacket pile. Then panic struck. I searched once. I searched twice. I scanned the playground. I went to the main office to ask them if someone had turned in a genuine NFL Atlanta Falcons jacket. I called the president. No dice.

    My jacket was gone, stolen by some pre-teen thief, now undoubtedly burning in eternity with Belzebub.

    I didn't lift my head the rest of the day. When I got home, and my brand-new jacket wasn't with its proud owner, my parents alertly asked about the whereabouts of my birthday present. Too distraught to come up with a good lie, I told them my story of woe.

    "Well, that was your jacket," my mother said. "And you said you would take care of it. Now, you're going to have to go all winter without a heavy jacket."

    In my mind, that was unfair. I expected them to buy me another brand-new, genuine NFL Atlanta Falcons letterman jacket. Other parents would, I reasoned.

    They would break, I thought, when I started shivering uncontrollably when the temperature dipped down to 40.

    But they didn't. They bundled me up in a windbreaker and sent me to the bus stop, while all the other kids were wrapped in what amounted to blankets with sleeves. For three months, while the winter raged against my veil-thin windbreaker, my bus-stop comrades waited comfortably, calmly discussing the niceties of the day.

    As my teeth chattered tunes I couldn't control, I had no idea I was learning a valuable lesson.

    Others, the kids whose parents bought them a new jacket when they lost one, learned that lesson much later - usually with more severe consequences.

    They call it "tough love" now. I called it freezing. But it worked for one.

    Len Robbins 2001. Robbins is the editor of The Clinch County News and is a contributor to The Thomaston Times.

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    Default mullets

    I thought you were talking about Ryckman's mullet hair do.


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    I would think you also have one of those Memphis Showboat jackets?

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    Default Re: mullets

    Originally posted by RaginRash
    I thought you were talking about Ryckman's mullet hair do.
    just how long is that list of those that consider you funny? (grins)

    lo and behold.. (yes, a different theme than -- "whoaa.. lo... and go!.." )

    the rage page is back working.. when i noticed this a short while ago.. i must admit i did see my name.. and must then admit, didn't really understand my name was really in the article.. so i didn't @ first glance read the article.. i "assumed" wrongly that the bit was some internet forum "kind-ness" shown towards me, in that, at times i wear what some call a "duster-type" coat occasions.. (like the mullet thing)

    finding this lends me to wish to give http://www.paulspirogue.com/ a price break on a sponsorship deal on my show.. i can sell mayonaise as i was in the early 80's known as "King Mayo" @ the Olde Tyme Grocery store.. matter of fact.. probably earned more of a "Letterman's" jacket there than at the Birds.. (smiles)..

    "in any event".. i type wildly here with the "peace" i now have in being able to type in here, and not get into any type trouble i may incur typing on other places.. i am spam.. i am radio.. i am bil (tee-hee)

    Get The Habit !!
    the sportsnote .. weekday mornings .. espn1420.com

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