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Thread: Cajun Redzone Radio Show Tonight!

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    Default Cajun Redzone Radio Show Tonight!

    Okay, we have a great show lined up tonight for Ragin' Cajun fans! Remember we will be on from 6PM-7PM on FM 103.7 The Game!

    Tonight's Lineup!

    1) Former Ragin' Cajun MBB PG Elfrid Payton - 6PM

    2) Softball Coach Mike Lotief- Our interview with him right before the game! 6:15PM

    3) Baseball Coach Tony Robichaux- Our interview with him before getting on the bus today! 6:30PM

    4) WBB Coach Gary Brodhead- We will review the 2014 Recruiting Class, Camps and the new uniforms!

    Listen Live here at

    Or download our App here

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    Ragin' Cajuns Re: Cajun Redzone Radio Show Tonight!


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