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    anyone know where you can find some usl/ull autographed stuff? balls, jerseys, etc. i collect this stuff but can't find any ull/usl stuff signed by delhomme, tillman and other ull players in the nfl.

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    If you're looking to go the economical route, Delhomme's always been one of the most dependable through the mail requests. As for the other NFLers, honestly, I didn't even know there were any.

    I would imagine the best bet for most ULers is mailing them directly, and if there's a Lafayette postmark on the package it will further increase your success rate. Over about three years I tracked down about 200-300 former LSU athletes and had about a 60% success rate, and the autos many times ended up almost insignificant compared to the letters and correspondences I received from the guys.

    As for jersey's etc. you'd have to be more specific and mention what you're willing to spend. I've been collecting memorabilia for about 10yrs, and am familiar with every major auction house/resaler in the country...If you're looking for game worn stuff. But that stuff will have you eating Ramen for quite some time.

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