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Thread: Louisiana vs New Orleans

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    Quote Originally Posted by jllanclos View Post
    We've won a Super Regional without even being a #1 regional seed. We've won regionals without even being a #1 regional seed.

    We lost 9 in a row late in the year in 2000 (8 of 9?), and fell out of the top 25 completely.

    I'll take that if it means we get back to Omaha.

    I trust Robe. His goal isn't to be good in the middle. His goal is to be great at the end. He has SAID that over and over and over again.

    There will be a weekend in June when we'll be glad all this went down.

    Tony's mindset is "national championship." I'm on board.

    We'll be there, fellas. This team is elite, no matter what seed the comittee gives us. I'll put this bunch against any team in America.

    Not for 2 days, like we usually do.

    For the whole damn weekend.

    Let's get to the finish line intact, and go to battle.

    Deeeep Breatttttthhhhhhhh, Cajun Nation.
    Yes but we aren't talking about the 2000 team. How many people realistically thought that team has what it took to go to South Carolina & beat the top seed in ithe country. The bottom line is that team needed what they went through to give them the amount of gravel in their gut to overachieve. And overachieve they did. This team is different.

    I agree they are elite. And as an elite team they will be given an almost guaranteed route to Omaha to play for it all because they are an extremely talented team that the NCAA will want to show off to the college sports world. The only thing these guys have to do is complete their role in this equation. You are correct about what they did in the past, but just as baseball is basball, it is a statistical fact that more number one seeded regional and suer regional teams have gone onto Omaha & won it all than anyone else has. That is because everyone knows they are special & the people who run things want to see them playing at the end. This team will bounce back in a big way & it won't take a slide down bad memory lane to get there. This isn't just about going to Omaha. It's about going to Omaha & coming back with a national championship in hand.

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    Default Re: Louisiana vs New Orleans

    Well, I wish I had time to read this
    whole thread. I'm sure it got pretty entertaining. I watched last night. I had three thoughts after the final out:
    1) That's baseball.
    2) UNO played like they really wanted to beat #1 and they did.
    3) With the apparent exception of UConn women's basketball, learning a thing or two from midseason defeat is usually in the mold of a championship team. I hope UL learned something last night that will help them going forward.

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