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Thread: 1946 Charles "Buddy" Budd

  1. UL Football 1946 Charles "Buddy" Budd

      Charles "Buddy" Budd could see her through the window of the campus cafeteria.

    "Who is that?" he asked a friend seated nearby.

    "That's Virginia Latour, but don't bother with her. She has a boyfriend."

    It was true. Virginia had dated the same guy for years while a student in her native Abbeville. But she was an 18-year-old freshman at Southwestern Louisiana Institute in Lafayette now, and Buddy wasn't easily dissuaded.

    It was Buddy's tenacity on the football field that brought him to SLI after a record-making career at Opelousas High School. A fullback, he was the first OHS player to score more than 100 points in a season. During the 1944 season, in which the squad compiled a 9-2 record, Buddy scored 130 of the Tigers' 290 points.

    The rest of the story

    Time Pieces by James Savage jsavage@dailyworld.com June 15, 2008

    [igm] He was 19 and a star on the 1946 Bulldogs football squad.

    A few weeks after Buddy spotted Virginia in the cafeteria, they met again at a party. It wasn't long before Virginia dumped her Abbeville beau and was dating Buddy. Then they both left school and got married.[/igm]
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