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Thread: Will C-USA Expand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just1More View Post
    I agree "potential speak" don't buy beans. But, if your TV market theory is the cornerstone of conference affiliation, the SEC is about to clean house in Mississippi... see ya Starkville and Oxford... here comes FAU and FIU. College football TV markets are also weighted by relative interest to the region against competing television. I don't think the WAC took Tech due to the huge TV market.

    Regardless, UL is down the list to others wrt CUSA. I believe we could elevate our status in football thru elevated funding, but our management has chosen not to... up to this point.
    see above post

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    Default Re: Will C-USA Expand?

    Quote Originally Posted by CajunNation View Post
    _ see above post _
    Sorry Nation... a little deeper read and I see where you qualified the point.

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    Default Re: Will C-USA Expand?

    Anything below South Alabama, the networks will yawn.

    If you can't deliver market, you better bring something to the table that will immediately improve the new conference's BCS numbers in football(Boise State to the MWC) or offer some intangible thing desperately needed(travel partner, big time basketball) by the new conference.

    We miss the mark on all accounts.

    Playing the "potential" game has no place in collegiate athletics.

    Yes, I read the post and understand what you are saying. My comments were to make note of what I believe is the relative insignificance of TV markets in college athletics as many of the premier college programs reside in smaller markets.

    From inside knowledge let me elaborate that one of the big reasons we were not considered for another conference in the past was budget and perceived lack of strong financial and fan support for UL Athletics. I have had season football tickets for some time now and still do not see a large contingent of dedicated students in the stands during the later part of the season. 6-6 or 1-11 I am still there every game.

    The good news is I see progress in the development of the core fan numbers. You see this in baseball and softball. Win or loose, if the stands are full, people notice. (Eg. the Saints would have left N.O. a long time ago had it not been for the large dedicated fan base, win or loose.)

    Continue with the talk of wish, wants and why, but it will take everyone in the community stepping up to fill the coffers of the UL Athletic Foundation to really give the programs a chance to succeed every year. It will take greater numbers to the current core student fan base to help the program reach its potential. It will take more former students stepping up to support the program and create new and better traditions. SO, GIVE TILL IT HURTS! and get more cheeks in the football seats, win or loose.

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