As a senior watching his last game on the 50 yard line rail on the student side, I must reflect on this time of turmoil and confusion. Not only did my cajuns drop a game to the team that I hate more than sin, but I witnessed something tonight that was a light shed on the program that I love the most, adversity. Lets face it, we all have to overcome it... Yeah when we get we get knocked down, we as a collective help each other stand back up. It's only In our nature to stuble every once and a while but at least we can reflect on the flaws of the program and make it better for the future. If we aaccomplish this, it separates us from the rest. I cried when the team and seniors shook our hands but it wasn't tears of sorrow but tears of happiness because I've witnessed a team who couldn't buy a win tuen into a team that is striving for excellence and a third straight bowl invite. I will forever be proud to be a Ragin Cajun and I will remember these glorious years. I will look forward to many years and hope much success on all the sports programs and hope we WILL progress in the future

Geaux Ragin Cajuns!!!