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Thread: Camping chairs in the stadium

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    Default Camping chairs in the stadium

    I have seen people with them, but I also see it on the prohibited list on the safety and security page of ragin cajuns.com

    anyone one know what the deal is? Can my preggers wife sit on a camping chair in the grass?

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    Default Re: Camping chairs in the stadium

    Speaking of camping chairs......

    There is a couple who sits near me who brings these bleacher seats with huge storage compartments behind them taking all the leg room of the person behind them. Every game I am just thankful their seats are not right in front of mine. If people can't see that it's inconsiderate, rude and unconfortable for the person behind them, then there should be a rule.

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    Default Re: Camping chairs in the stadium

    I haven't looked or paid notice so I assume they still rent some cushioned backed seats for the bleacher (no back) portions of the stadium.

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