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Thread: 5 Ways Football Could Be Made Safer

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    Default 5 Ways Football Could Be Made Safer

    Don't want to knock football at all," he said in the interview. "I think that's unfair. I knew what I was getting into. To think that I could help maybe ease maybe some of the potential trauma, but still keep the integrity of the game, I’m willing to do that.”

    Farve's comments add to ongoing concerns over head injuries that can cripple a player for life.

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    Default Re: 5 Ways Football Could Be Made Safer

    with Favre it definitely wouldn't be his past alcohol abuse or addiction to pain killers that affects his memory - gotta be the football hits

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    UL Football Re: 5 Ways Football Could Be Made Safer

    Or maybe a preemptive defense against his sexting.

    My brains were scrambled I did not have full capacity of what I was doing.

    Bret Farve, the drama queen, even in retirement.

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