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Thread: MBB Cajuns (92) v. Cowboys (66)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CajunRebel View Post
    So are the Cajuns that much better or are the Cowpukes that much worse?
    probabaly a little of both

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlappyCajun View Post
    Regarding Elfrid and his comparison to Dwayne, Tiras and Orien, EP was nominated to the John Wooden award watch list, which is the equivalent of the Heisman Trophy for college hoops. I don't necessarily think he is a combination of those three guys, but I think he is defenitely a better player. Absent something crazy happening, he will be our first player drafted since Kevin Brooks. IMO, he is our best player since Michael Allen.

    Now, the team with Orien, Brian Hamilton, Tiras, Dwayne, and Cameron would likely beat this team. But, EP and Shwan would give them fits.
    I agree with you on the Elfrid comparisons. He is a better blend of all those guys. He was clearly the best player on the court when he wanted to be. The opposing defender could not stop him from getting to the hole and you know that's where he is going because he still needs to work on his shot. However, the team with Wade, Hamilton etc...was, IMO, so much better than this team that they would win going away. They had so much more talent across the board and could score both in transition and in a half court set. I like Payton and Long but I'm not real thrilled about our complimentary players, particularly in the front court.

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