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Thread: 2008-01-05 UL vs UNO (Audio)

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    UL Basketball 2008-01-05 UL vs UNO (Audio)

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    Default Re: 2008-01-05 UL vs UNO (Audio)

    Turbine, do you have the interview with Coach Lee after the game? Is there any way you could upload that?

    Also does anyone have the video of the team singing the fight song after the game? I heard they were very excited. Could you upload it?

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    Default Re: 2008-01-05 UL vs UNO (Audio)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal View Post
    _..... I heard they were very excited..... _
    Excited? You could say that, and add giddy, out of their minds with glee, etc.

    It was fun to see these young men so happy!

    Also,what was fun was to hear the roar of the crowd. I closed my eyes and imagined the days in Blackham when that roar was ever present. Hopefully, these young men will be able to continue invigorating those of us in the stands. Their play and our roar could make playing in the Dome a difficult place for visiting teams.

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    I keep going back to final 2 minutes of the game. Daigle hits the back-to-back 3's, Parlow's ejection, Daigle hitting all 4 free throws. The roar of the crowd each time the Cajuns made a big play is amazing. Was even better to hear the crowd in person. Last night was awesome.

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