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Thread: Is UL ready for the WAC or CUSA?

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    Louisiana Re: Re: WAC or CUSA?

    Originally posted by California Cajun
    We are currently the only 1-A conference without 8 all-sports schools averaging 15,000 per game. Something has got to happen. I think if any school really makes the effort, they can meet this criteria. The NCAA isn't going to send inspectors to the games, they'll probably rely on an objective device for measuring attendance like a barcode reader that can't scan the same ticket twice. The only question in my mind is how much these schools are going to put into the effort. If you get anywhere near the amount, you could probably sit in an office and scan enough tickets to make 15,000. I think we have to make the 1-A cut before any conference realignment comes to our aid.

    Here are the attendance figures:
    2002 FB Attendance Under the 15000 required in 2004

    Rank/Team/Average Attendance/Conference/Comments

    105 Houston....... 14986 C-USA poor record and this is only time below 15000 in 3 yrs

    106 Wyoming...... 13687 MWC poor record but under 15000 2 of last 3 yrs

    107 Troy St......... 13403 Independent below avg record and new to Div I-A

    108 Ark St........... 13199 Sun Belt improved record but below 15000 3 times in 3 yrs

    109 Ball St........... 12849 MAC six win year and under 15000 2 of last 3 yrs

    110 Akron............ 11600 MAC four win year but under 15000 3 times in 3 yrs

    111 Buffalo...........11244 MAC poor record but under 15000 3 times in 3 yrs

    112 MTSU.............11163 Sun Belt poor record but under 15000 2 of last 3 yrs

    113 Idaho............ 10931 Sun Belt poor record but under 15000 2 of last 3 yrs

    114 E. Mich...........10777 MAC poor record but under 15000 3 times in 3yrs

    115 SJSU............. 10360 WAC improved record but below 15000 3 times in 3 yrs

    116 Kent St.......... 10086 MAC poor record but under 15000 3 times in 3 yrs

    117 La.-Mon........... 8470 Sun Belt poor record but below 15000 3 time in 3 yrs
    First, I'd like to begin my message by explaining my nickname, Curious Dawg and letting you know what teams I support. I came up with my nickname due to the fact that I'm a very curious person in general and I love the Georgia Bulldogs!!! I also support the Troy State Trojans and also am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity (best fraternity in the U.S., bar none. ). It was because I am a Lambda Chi that I started getting interested into Ragin' Cajun athletics since I met a great brother who attended UL.
    Anyway, I want to make some comments on these schools you mentioned, California Cajun.

    Houston changed coaches again, and went with an old UH alum to try to repair the program, Art Briles. I've heard good stuff about him, so he may be the answer to the Coogs problems.

    Don't know much about Wyoming except for the fact that they're located out in the middle of nowhere practically. They haven't had a decent coach since Joe Tiller, believe it or not.

    Troy State is very committed to staying IA. If you check TSU's future scheds (http://www.nationalchamps.net/NCAA/f...ate_future.htm) you will see that there will be some pretty big names that will be visiting Troy in upcoming years. TSU's AD, Johnny Williams, is doing all of the things necessary to attract more fan support and expand the already fantastic fanbase.
    SJSU's president is very anti-football and has talked about dropping the sport quite a few times recently.

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    You know what, a move to C-USA sure would be nice. Not just in football either. I guess i'll keep dreaming though.

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    Originally posted by Zeebart21
    sit tight.

    All your concerns are being addressed and taken care of.

    Sooooo, what WAC and C-USA schools have you visited.

    Give us the rundown, so we can know what changes need to be made.
    I took visits to Houston,La.Tech,Tulane,USM and Nicholls State. UL's football facilities are about the same as nicholls state's facilities and their d-1aa. The 3 CUSA schools i visited had unbelievable facilities with such things as rec. rooms,dining areas with health food,more up to date weight eq.,etc. The practice field areas were bigger, film eq. Was more advanced and overall everything is allot bigger. Even LA. Tech's facilities were close to the CUSA school's facilities. Their budgets are 2 to 6 times larger than UL's budget. Hopefully we will get there oneday.

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    Louisiana Re: UL and C-USA

    Hope so too Cajun. I think UL can do it.

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    The weight training coach assured us at our visit during Homecoming that the equipment we get will continued to be updated a maximum of every three years. Plus now that they have anounched the new building being built on the side of the holl and overlooking the field, I think you will realize that we are moving up to a higher plateau. And with a covered practice field, even if not full size will also greatly improve the ability to coach the kids and help to make them more productive.

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    You know why C-USA schools have larger budgets? Because they're in C-USA! They didn't have budgets that much larger than UL's when the conference was formed, but they are reaping the benefits of that conference.

    BTW, I've seen Nicholls facilities too. I don't hink you're right.

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