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Thread: new recruits to the programs

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    UL Football new recruits to the programs

    guru I think the football program is going to produce some hell of good football players se and defense. I am impressed the texas QB williams from Texas and he is so athletic.. The defense has gotten some great hs kids for the future, but gone deep looking for experienced ball players. Coach Pry is a great recruiting coach and it appears he has gotten some great talent to consider his system .I know we have lost a few but I believe we have enough to build on a great team. The kids themselves are very excited about alot of the players that they think should start. We certainly look strong on defense with joe scott, david preater, mack fair, ans especially that new kid Tyler Norman. I spoke with someone who said they had never seen a kid play that hard on a scout teamm. He was asked not to hit any more at the end of the season to prevent an injury. But the kid said he was just having fun playing football. He sounds a little crazy, but i think that might this year. Him and Prater maybe a wrecking team. i hope so.

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    UL Football

    I'm excited too TexasClass.But I would tell Cajun fans that we should temper our expectations for one more year,until we can get another class.Keep in mind that all of these committments have one thing in common,they have never played D1A football.There is plenty of talent in this class,but no experience.I believe that one more recruitng class will have this program in position to compete next year for the SunBelt Title.We are one year away,but I do not expect to see another ULM letdown this year.

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