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Thread: Game Day: Keys to Cajuns Win

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    Default Game Day: Keys to Cajuns Win

    Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns (0-1) face the Kansas State Wildcats (0-1) at Bill Synder Family Stadium Saturday afternoon at 5:30PM. What do the Cajuns need to do to leave Manhattan with a win Saturday night?

    By BJ Thompson
    Cajun Redzone Publisher

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    Default Re: Game Day: Keys to Cajuns Win

    Dead nuts on, BJ. I think we establish the run, and work both Robinson and Maxwell in short to middle. If we soften up the D by making them struggle to figure out what's next, we burn them deep. We have to set up Broadway with some smart sequences, to both allow him the time to connect long, but also give him the space to run to daylight. We were forcing that, when it simply wasn't there for us last week.

    And without a doubt, the key to D is to get some pressure, even if it requires elevating the risk and taking players out of their straight up assignment. If we aren't bouncing around on D and trying to confuse at the snap of the ball, I'm not going to be happy. This is the last program we'll face where we are a semi heavy underdog. We cannot keep up vanilla defense and expect K State not to figure it out, and start slicing us apart downfield. We can't have another week where we end the day with, "we need to change personnel in our secondary again to figure out the key to victory next week.".

    With the right game plan and game time adjustments, we have the athletes on the field to beat KSU. Period.

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