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Thread: Bryant Mbamalu: Spain Trip Blog

  1. Ragin' Cajuns Bryant Mbamalu: Spain Trip Blog

    We left the Leon Moncla practice facility bright and early on Thursday morning [Aug. 8], with excitement and a buzz in the air._ The football team was also up early, getting better at practice, and coach Hud got on the bus and gave us a very spirited farewell speech.

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    Cool blog, but man he could definitely use some english and/or creative writing classes. Didn't feel like I was reading a college student's blog. But hey, he's a good kid and can play some ball... let's hope the team gelled through this trip and brings it to the court this season!

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    In my opinion it is a well written blog.

    This is a trip that these men will never forget.
    I would have loved to take a trip to Spain with a group of friends while I was in college.

    I wonder if all of the players that left the team over the past two years are keeping up with what their former team is up to this summer?

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