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Thread: Getting it off my Chest!

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    Default Getting it off my Chest!

    Sitting here typing this after three days , I would have thought that the sick feeling that set in at the game would be gone by now but it hasn't. I first did a google search for forums on UL thinking that someone has to be feeling just like me. Boy, did I find you! I have never felt so terrible for my alma mater. I chose to attend USL after graduating high school in 1993. Being about 30 miles from McNeese, most of my friends attended or were planning to attend McNeese. I had an influential teacher then that told me about USL and that I should really check it out before deciding which collage to attend. After touring the campus in Lafayette, my mind was made up for good. NO Micky Neese for me, no Ryan Street High, I was going to go further my education at a University that I could be proud of. Few of my old high school friends attended USL with me. We became Cajun fanatics fast and attended most if not nearly all home games along with a few out of town. If USL was playing far away we would occasionally attend a McNeese game with some of our buddies who were attending McNeese . I could not believe the intensity that the crowd and fans had for the team. For those of you that have admitted on this site that the Cajuns ran into a buzz saw Sat. night. Your right, but that's what good programs do game after game and season after season. I never witnessed the games between the two teams twenty years ago. Only heard year after year how McNeese used to whip our tail. Man, I couldn't wait until we could put a sock in it for them. I get the Lake Charles American Press newspaper at work. All week long they ran articles of how McNeese got no respect from UL and how the players felt that UL was too big to recruit them. They posted quotes from USL coaches from over 20 years ago to fire everyone up. McNeese players and coaches came in with the same fire that their fans always expect out of them. I suppose UL thought by just suiting up that they would lay down and give us the W. The McNeese players were clearly faster, more explosive to the ball, and better coached. The fans, band, players, and coaches made it personal, That's the ATTIUDE that every program should have. This wasn't , "Just a game", if you think that, fine, but I can't accept that attitude. I am emotionally exhausted after cheering and bleeding vermillion and white for this team since 1993. Heck, I was on the hill for A&M in 96. What should have been another huge step for a program on the upswing became just a headline soon forgotten. We have little to beat our chest about since I have been alive! We all have been a sucker for punishment, Call yourself a true fan if you want to, but this rattlesnake bit fan has left the stadium to tend to my wounds.

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    Default Re: Getting it off my Chest!

    man, the game had me sickened too........


    Real life consumes me. Wife, kids, work, vacations, holidays, screwing with people on the boards(not you)....
    Waaaay too many other things going on to be fretting this game. I give all the props in the world to McNeese, and their fans. The game setting was electric! The outcome felt like I had been electrocuted!

    Its over.

    Kick sss on Troy!


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    Default Re: Getting it off my Chest!

    Welcome USL-Alum97

    We feel your pain.

    On the levee in 96, I did some quick math and figured you were there for all the Jake Delhomme years. Must have been nice.

    Bet you're glad you were gone for the 1997 season

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    Ragin' Cajuns Re: Getting it off my Chest!

    Relax my friend, there is only one thing you should ask yourself. Who is going to pay for this? SOMEONE SHOULD PAY FOR THIS!!!AND THAT SOMEONE IS TROY!!!

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