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    Great shot of the auditorium addition of Old Martin. It was so much more attractive a building than the unhandsome flat on a slab presentation that F.G. Mouton now offers us from this view.

    I'd been wondering when the covered walkways were installed. They block the view of Foster Hall, as does F.G. Mouton. This picture helps to set an early date though.

    What is the source of this photo?

    Maybe one day we can tear down New Martin and F.G. Mouton and put a replica Old Martin back in it's original spot without the cypress pilings. There would still be room on the F.G. Mouton footprint to erect a structure more complementary to Old Martin, Foster, and the Quad and it's view over to Stephens. An Interior space between the Mouton Foster combo would be possible.

    We'd just have to put the administrative parking across the street somewhere. Maybe that pie in the sky circulator shuttle pod?

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    1952 GSC Champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajuns_fan View Post
    1952 GSC Champions
    BTW just heard that former UL QB Johnny Arms is not in good condition in a Dallas hospital---Served in the Marines and coached at Holy Cross, Jesuit (was on the staff with him there), Tulane, and Nichols---a few prayers please!!

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