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Thread: Cajun Field on NCAA 08 (XBOX 360)

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    Default Re: Cajun Field on NCAA 08 (XBOX 360)

    Now here's my review:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal

    After playing all my previous versions of ncaa football on the xbox, this is the first year that I play it on the 360. While the graphics are wonderful ( the players even have real looking faces this year as opposed to generic) the gameplay is a little shaky. Here's what I've noticed so far.

    The game play is not as smooth as in 06 and 07. While the jukes, dives, and stiff arms are more realistic, the timing to perform these moves is aweful and really don't accomplish much. You won't be breaking any ankles this year because the defense rarely ever bites on a juke. You're better off just trying to mow the defender over. Also the spin move has never been so weak etiher. Like I said, more realistic, but not better.

    Comentary. The commentary can drag. They've added some new lines, but sometimes lee corso opens his mouth and I wonder if he's on drugs. When i say it drags here's what I mean: I forced a team into a 3 and out. The announcers started going on this spill about that play. They punted, I fair catched, I ran my first play, then as I'm lining up to run 2nd down; Brad Nesslar is just now getting to when they punted the ball. Way behind.

    Dynasty mode: If you are a fan of NCAA football's dynasty mode, then this year's version will make you want to sharpen a pencil and shove it in your eye. In an attempt to "beef up" the dynasty mode, EA has incorporated everyting they could possibly conceive of into this mode. It's too much actually. Recruiting has never been more long winded or confusing. Instead of the normal 5 options to pitch to a recruit, you now have 15. Worst of all is that you have to call each of the recruits each week and discuss some of the pitches. You have an overall time limit for phone calls each week usually 10 hrs. Each question you ask in the phone conversation takes off minutes of your time. This is how they did away with the points system. In last year's version you were able to select up to 10 recruits to talk to during in season recruiting. This year that number is up to 35! It will literally take you a half an hour in between each game just to catch up on your recruiting board.

    Previous versions of the dynasty mode had the sports illustrated magazine covers. This was an easy and logical way to present heisman, poll rankings, awards, and coference data. Throw that all out the window cause this year's version is anything but logical. In the 08 version you are now presented with an espn.com screen that looks nothing like the real one and is even harder to find what you are looking for. It really just looks like someone vomited a whole bunch of stats and one liners onto the screen. One plus about this year's version is that you have your choice of national or local info. Since UL doesn't make to many headlines nationally in its first years, it's nice to be able to switch to articles only about you and your victories. Also the ticker is customizable as well this season. You can set it for top 25 scores, all teams, or your conference's scores and standings.

    Back to the graphics: Even though the graphics are incredible, EA has taken a small step backward. In an effort to showcase the stadiums, you are given a 30 second intro of the stadium prior to the coin toss. Interesting thing is no one is on the field. There are no more signs or fan reactions. Teams no longer run out of tunnels and there is no more comentators predicting the victor of the game. In fact we no longer see the comentators anymore.

    I really think EA put too much in too fast. It takes too long to adapt to the gameplay.

    On the + side: If you liked campus legend mode last year then you will really love it this year. You start off by playing a high school game. Whichever high school you went too. There are alot. While the color schemes and mascots are generic, just the fact that you can play as the starting tailback for Acadiana, STM, Lafayette, Northside, Carencro and countless others is a plus. Good move here EA.

    Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5.

    There are some positive things that EA has done in this game, but I think they overloaded and rushed everything into the game. They need to dial back on the recruiting, and reorganize everything into a more user friendly interface. I spent the 60 bucks and if you want to as well then go for it. If you are a fan of the series then buy it. But if you are still undecided about whether or not to cough up the money for the game and\or the system, I suggest you wait till next year. With all the new features, the bugs won't be worked out till the 09 version. Hope this helps you guys.

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    Default Re: Cajun Field on NCAA 08 (XBOX 360)

    Thank you. You just saved me at least $400 on a 360 or PS3. I'll wait for a price drop and possibly till the next version.

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    Default Re: Cajun Field on NCAA 08 (XBOX 360)

    every year they try to rush this game out as quick as they can. I remember some of the earlier versions you didn't get until the season was almost on top of you. I wish they would take the time and refine the game and get it as accurate as possible (uniforms, logo changes, players suspended/kicked off team) instead of just seemingly throwing a lot of stuff together just so they can get it out in July. Prime example, a couple years ago with FIU and FAU and they weren't even members of 1-A yet

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