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Thread: 2007: LA colleges about to hit paydirt.

  1. Support Restrictions eased on athletic funding

    When the athletics policy debate was deferred at a Regents meeting last month, Toups questioned the appearance of approving more athletics money just as the legislative session was ending.

    But after reviewing the numbers, Toups and other Regents said they agree fewer restrictions on athletics are necessary to allow them to compete.

  2. Support Re: Restrictions eased on athletic funding

      The changes can affect all public universities and even community colleges in Louisiana, but not LSU's flagship campus, which has the state's only self-sustaining athletics budget.

    ULL President Ray Authement, who spearheaded the policy change, said it is the "perfect time" now that universities are better funded.

    Authement cited a "Sports Illustrated" report that described 22 self-sustaining athletics programs nationally.

    The very bottom of the "have-nots" included ULL, Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe, which was dead last nationally in Division 1A sports funding.

    UL and ULM cannot compete on an even level with their peers in the Sun Belt Conference, Authement said.

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    Advocate Capitol News Bureau

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    Default Re: Restrictions eased on athletic funding

    $1.4M increase this year, and another $.9M increase next year. By the end of the next fiscal year (08-09) our athletic budget will have increased $2.4M. I'll allow it. Its free money. I wonder if Gerald Hebert is happy about this.

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    UL Football Re: Restrictions eased on athletic funding

    I am sure he is and is NOT alone!!!

    Now we know the money is coming we should be really cranking out the ads for Football season tickets and having the coaches, cheer leaders, and players call past season ticket holders, ticket holders from any sport, etc.

    All current season ticket holders need to call friends and family to get them onboard, etc.


    ps If you call and I do not answer it is because I am on the phone trying to get the Acadiana area fans in the stands!!!

  5. Support Regents OK funding increase

      It took two weeks longer than anticipated, but Louisiana's college athletics departments breathed a sigh of relief Monday when the State of Louisiana Board of Regents sent them a present to start the budget year.

    The Board's executive committee passed a proposal Monday that allows state schools to aim more of their budgets toward athletic programs, giving those schools a chance to be more financially competitive with out-of-state conference and regional rivals.

    The two-part proposal could have an eventual impact of approximately $2.3 million annually on the UL athletic budget, with the initial increase phased in over a two-year period. Its passage comes during a period when state schools are finalizing budgets for the 2007-08 fiscal year.

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    Dan McDonald

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    Default Re: LA colleges about to hit paydirt. NOT !!! YET

    Quote Originally Posted by RaginFan2 View Post
    Since there are over 100 D1A programs, I guess the fact that only 22 programs are profitable kind of points out the flaw in the system. According to your theory, only those who can "be profitable" should be able to compete at the the top level (or else they should "rethink their priorities"). What about those BCS conference teams that are not profitable? Should they rethink their priorities as well? Perhaps re-form the "elite 22" into 2 or 3 "Superconferences"? Maybe really make them into a true NFL minor league system and forget the farce of college as being about "student-athletes". That's seems to be the direction you are aiming for.
    What a call.

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