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Thread: Stewart: MTSU should make conference switch

  1. Sunbelt Stewart: MTSU should make conference switch

      For the fourth time in seven years, MTSU has won the Sun Belt Conference's all-sports trophy, this time with a record 141 points. Such consistent excellence brings me back to a long held premise:

    It's time for a concerted effort to move the Blue Raiders to Conference USA.


    If MTSU competed in Conference USA, immediate natural rivalries would be set up with Alabama-Birmingham, Southern Miss as well as a potential archrival in Memphis. The MTSU-Memphis rivalry would be special.

    A move to Conference USA could result more sensible alignments in three conferences if what follows would come to pass:

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewsCopy
    Looks like someone has caught WKUitis.

    Symptoms include:

    swelling (of self-worth)
    itching (to get a better conference)
    inflamation (of conference mates)
    diahrrea (of the mouth)

    There is currently no known cure for WKUitis. But there is help. If you or someone you know is infected with WKUitis, first, step away from the goat and pick up your phone and dial 1-888-wahwaaa. Together, we can make a difference.

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