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_ To me it's all the same.

They took away 2 post season appearances and I see that as a 2 year ban already served. (kind of like what the football team did with spring practice)
I don't agree with that statement from a recruiting point of view. Michigan's recruitment power diminished significantly after they were found guilty. Probably why they are still struggling to this day. Not to say that Cajuns basketball were (or probably ever will be) on the stage of Michigan basketball, but kids want to taste posteason play. They don't want to play on a team in which the season automatically ends in February (or early March), regardless of your record. I understand your point about the past postseason apperances, but it is better IMO to take it with a grain of salt and move on. With future postseason appearances gone, our already stuggling "pull" for Cajun basketball would get siginificantly worse.

I was really proud of those two tournament teams and was there in Nashville cheering them on and its s*cks that we won't get credit for those appearances. But we didn't win either game, so it could've meant a lot more. Besides, it still counts to me because my trip to Nashville was one of my most memorable Cajun experiences.

It s*cks all the way around, but this is better than the rather. Its best to tighten the ship, learn from your mistakes and move on from here.