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Thread: Time for LA-Tech to come back to the Sun Belt?

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    Default Re: Time for LA-Tech to come back to the Sun Belt?

    Quote Originally Posted by DestinCajun
    With all due respect, since joining the WAC in 2001 the Latexsters have had to compete against the likes of Boise, Hawaii and Fresno in football and Nevada, Fresno and erstwhile member SMU in basketball while traveling all over God's creation in order to do so. Not to mention playing murderous OOC football schedules (and to a lesser extent in basketball) that's have been geared towards producing body bag revenue and not victories.

    Had their same football and basketball teams competed in the SBC they would have likely vied for championships in all the "major" sports except baseball and softball. The problem here is not the level of competition but geography and if Latech up and relocated to some place in or near the Rocky Mountains then the WAC would be the perfect conference for them.

    I hereby put up the first $10 bill to help them move.
    I agree that prior to 2006, Tech would have challenged regularly and probably won a couple of SBC football titles. I don't think they would have won a basketball title though. They could not have beat us the two years we went to the tourney. Cajuns beat them on a neutral court one year and UNO beat them in Ruston the same year. Although they did beat us at their place last year, I don't think they would have beat WKU or USA. I do agree they would have been a contender, I just don't think they could have won the title. Although we have not played them regularly, it probably has been 10 years since they have beat us anyplace but in Ruston.

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    Ragin' Cajuns Re: Time for LA-Tech to come back to the Sun Belt?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cajunsmike
    I am not sure Tech has done with less when compared to the Cajuns. They have a sugar daddy and a few minor sugar daddies subsidizing them. If you consider our accomplishments outside of football, we probably have outperformed them over the past 5 years. In fact, I know we have as we have 2 men's basketball NCAA appearances, 2 baseball NCAA appearances, three consecutive winning seasons in women's basketball including an NCAA appearance and continued softball excellence. I know most people don't realize the above as they look at things from a football only perspective.

    Just to put some real numbers behind your assertion, Cajunsmike, FYI the Techsters have a record of 179-196 for a winning percentage of 47.73% over the last two years (2004-05, 2005-06). In the same period Ragin Cajun fans have a record of 271-119 for a 69.49% success rate.

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