I think somebody posted something a few days ago about a student group that would be at games, create cheers, get fan involvment, etc. i couldn't find the post, but I wanted to re-introduce the topic.

A few years ago, I went to Coach Lee about something like this. I e-mailed him, and after a few weeks, he replied, and was very receptive to what i wanted to do. He told me to call his secretary and get an appt with him, i called but never got to meet with him. She took a message for me, but he was out a lot recruiting. I had plenty ideas, some that i wouldn't mind sharing with any of you students, or new alumni (like me) who are still young and all about acting the ___ at football and basketball games.

by the way, I/We planned to call it the Red Zone Army, hence the title of the thread. It came from the whole, Robert Lee/General Lee angle, as it was supposed to start as a basketball deal, and then move to football and other sports.

somebody hit me up if you want mroe of my ideas, or please express other ideas you may have, and please express your desires to be able to move something like this forward. I would love to help, but I live in houston now, so I can't do as much with the student population as some of you, but I have tons of ideas.