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Thread: Tulane Joins The Big East Conference

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    Default Tulane Joins The Big East Conference

    I just heard on 690 New Orleans and press conference by Cowan that Tulane is joining the Big East Conference. Cowan said that he looks forward to the fans, alumni and community to packing their stadiums for football and basketball!!!!!!!!

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    UL Football Re: Tulane Joins The Big East Conference

    Yea, that is what the New Orleans fans have been waiting for a football game against UCF, and Houston, and Memphis, and a game against SMU, and a game against USF, and a game against ECU. Wait a minute they ignored all those schools before.

    TooLame has a couple of billion airs backing them, but after the novelty of a new stadium wares off still not fans for football.

    Basketball will be more of the same, not too many of the Big East Powerhouses will be in the house.

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