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Thread: UL ponders diversity effort

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    Research UL ponders diversity effort

      Over the next few months, UL will try to pin down what it can do to attract a more diverse student body.

    The effort is in the "investigative" stages, said Joe Dennis, a local community activist who is co-chairman of the university's diversity advisory committee.

    "We're trying to find out why local students go to UL or don't go to UL," Dennis said. "What we're doing is looking at what it is that the university can do to improve the situation."

    This semester, 19 percent of UL's freshmen class is black, and black students make up 18 percent of the total enrollment, said Dan Rosenfield, UL's dean of enrollment management.

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    Marsha Sills

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    Its as simple as this... Everytime the entry standards go up, the number of black students goes down... I see it teaching in high school... the kids at inner city schools (black, white, and hispanic (I have alot of them)) are just waaaaaaay behind the kids from the suburbs. So its not a race thing (since my white kids are, for the most part, no better than the black and hispanic kids), its a "place" thing, it just so happens that the place with higher percentage of black kids is the place that is producing the poor students.

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