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Thread: 1.3 million helps create 13 new UL professorships

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    Research 1.3 million helps create 13 new UL professorships

      UL received more than a half-million dollars in state money to pair with private donations to create 13 professorships, officials told those gathered at the Alumni Center on Thursday.

    The $520,000 from the Board of Regents Support Fund will help establish the new higher-paid positions, bringing the university's total professorships to 238. UL also has 22 department chair positions.

    These positions offer an opportunity for the university to attract top faculty who bring expertise to the classroom, said Ray Authement, UL president.

    The money will complete 13 endowed professorships at UL. The endowments for the 13 professorships are part of the Regents' Endowed Chair and Eminent Scholars and Endowed Professorships program.

    To create endowed professorships and chairs, universities must raise 60 percent of the cost from private donations.

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    Marsha Sills

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    ooh LA La. Board of Regents boosts ULL endowments

      UL The state Board of Regents on Thursday handed over a $520,000 check to the University of Louisiana at UL the state's match to $780,000 given by ULL donors to support 13 new endowed professorships at the school.

    "As time goes on, we will have the resources to attract top faculty to this university," ULL President Ray Authement said at a ceremony to mark the creation of the professorships.

    The money will be placed into an account, with the interest payments used to boost faculty salaries.

    The 13 new $100,000 professorships created Thursday bring the total number at the university to 238.

    ULL also has 22 endowed $1 million chairs.

    "It has allowed us to recruit faculty that the Stanfords and MITs would love to have," said Dean of the College of Engineering Mark Zappi, whose college received two additional professorships this year.

    Thursday also marked the creation of the seventh Dr. Tommy Comeaux Memorial Endowed Professorship in Traditional Music.

    Comeaux, a well-known Lafayette physician and musician, died in 1997.

    A committee has been working since his death to create an endowed $1 million chair in his honor to support faculty in a traditional music program.

    A chair requires 10 professorships, so three more are needed, each gained by $60,000 in donations and a $40,000 state match.

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    Advocate Acadiana bureau

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