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Thread: Monday's QB Club Meeting

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    Default Monday's QB Club Meeting

    For those of you who are interested in the QB club meeting, here's what I saw. Bustle spoke first. Talked about how ready the team is to play against opposition instead of scrimage against itself. Talked about the team chemistry and how the seniors are ready to assume leadership. That the seniors had a meeting and voted unanimously to take the sunbelt championship rings off as that was last year. You will not find a coach or player wearing their ring.

    Bustle said that they have 83 scholarship players, the highest he's had. They are ready Saturday. He did not predict a win but did say that he was going in there to win. He said if they aren't there to try to win, they shouldn't even go. So the guys are primed.

    Then Coach Fry talked about the defense. This is the most experienced defense they've had. They are strong in every aspect (except depth in the secondary) they need the CB's to stay healthy. The front line is expected to do a very good job controlling the run. He named a number of players who will turn heads including DL Korey Raymond and LB Antwan Zanders.

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    Default Re: Monday's QB Club Meeting

    I have already gone out on a limb and predicted an outright victory for UL.

    Man I'm lonely. :o

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    Default Re: Monday's QB Club Meeting

    I believe there is more even than just the hype that we hear from the media/word of mouth. This years team is solid. Cajuns by 3 on september 2nd. My prediction

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