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Thread: Hey someone put grass on the Lady Cajuns infield

  1. UL Baseball Hey someone put grass on the Lady Cajuns infield

      Baseball traditionalists, and those who have never been to ULıs Lamson Park softball field, probably wouldn't notice it a lot.

    But to followers of the Cajun softball program, and to others that know softball, the parks looks a little strange right now.

    The normally-dirt infield, standard fare for collegiate softball, has been covered over with grass in a normal baseball configuration. The change is to allow Lamson Park to serve as home for the Cal Ripken Baseball World Series, which begins Saturday and runs through Saturday, Aug. 12.

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    Dan McDonald

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    Default Re: Hey someone put grass on the Lady Cajuns infield

    i like the dirty sounding headline

  3. Default Grass added to Cajun park's infield for boys' tournament

     UL's Lamson Softball Park doesn't look like it did when the Ragin' Cajuns wrapped up their 2006 season on April 30.

    With a new grass infield replacing the dirt, it looks like someone is getting ready to play baseball at the facility. That's just what's happening, as UL is the site for the 2006 Cal Ripken Baseball 10-year-old World Series.

    "It looks like a mini-baseball park," UL coach Stefni Lotief said. "They waited until we were done with our camps (in June), and then they sodded the infield. We've been on the road recruiting, so we haven't been here much, but it looks great.

    "They've been sprucing the place up, working on maintaining the grass and getting it into the best possible shape. They've really had to baby it along, and it hasn't been easy with the dry weather we've been having."
    Much of the project has been handled by the Vermilion Youth Association, the host group for the tournament.

    "Tommy Picard and Vermilion Youth have done a lot of it," Lotief said. "And, they've hired out for some of the work. Ian Ridge, who does our fields, has advised them on fertilizer and how to maintain it."

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    Bruce Brown

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