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Thread: Louisiana Fight Song

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    Louisiana Campus UL Fight Song

    Fight on, Cajuns, fight on to victory,
    For the Red and White.
    We will sing of triumph and glory,
    For our team tonight.
    You will hear the rage of the Cajuns,
    So let's give a yell!
    Hustle up and bustle up
    And fight on to victory, U-of-L!

    How old is this song? What was the song like before this if there was one (like when the bulldog was the mascot)?

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    UL 1984, 1999 . . . .

    Early 50s. I think Jay Walker said 52 years.

    There was a song before that, according to a guy that used to post at the Delphi forum named Swamprat. Supposedly he was an insider, at least he refused to identify himself to me after I introduced myself to him. I asked Swamprat to see if he could get a copy for us of the former fight song, but evidently the answer was No. I might have understood him to say that the bookstore on campus might have a recording of some sort that might include these songs, but given their banker's hours, never got around to check. This sounds like a job for Turbine. He's gotten to know so much about UL history that his head may pop any minute! Seriously, this guy has done a great job researching stuff for us. I thought I knew a thing or two until he came along.

    I like our fight song. But over the years our band has been stingy in playing it, and I have wondered if they would play it more if we wrote another song.

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