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Thread: Get rid of the D-IAA games

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    UL Football Get rid of the D-IAA games

    I normally do not agree with the CFN writers but I do agree with most of the points made in this article. Click the link at the bottom to read the full story.

    The alternative scheduling to make everyone happy

    By Pete Fiutak

    Let me start off by going on the record with my belief that teams are nuts not to schedule a game against a D-IAA team to start the season. With no preseason games like the NFL has, it's crazy not to have a tune up before playing a meaningful game. However, most dates against D-IAA teams are used to make lots of money with an easy win. Fans don't like these games and they're of little use in the college football big picture.

    Save your argument that the best D-IAA teams are better than the bottom 25 D-I teams. I don't care. If they're so good, move up to D-I and then we can talk. Until then, D-I teams should play other D-I teams. It's not fair to make fans shell out money for a meaningless blowout over a minor league college football team when the easiest of adjustments could produce far more interesting matchups.

    Below are 70 games that match D-I vs. D-IAA teams and my easy alternatives for how to make college football a better sport for all.


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    Default Re: Get rid of the D-IAA games

    Gotta love the final line in this one

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