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Thread: Anybody Counting... 11 in a row

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    UL Basketball Re: Anybody Counting... 11 in a row

    Quote Originally Posted by VObserver View Post
    Jerry, part of the attendance problem with Kelley was that EKL only seats about 900. It is a crappy venue. I am convinced that if we bring in a competent coach and start winning like we did with Kelley, WBB can draw on a par with softball [or could if the venue seated enough people]. Not going to be a money maker, but then only football makes money anyway.

    And before you ask, no, I don't go to games now. I did when Kelley was coaching, though, and will again when we hire a real coach.
    Well let me make one thing clear. I do not like getting smashed any more than anyone else. I am not saying keep Rogers, I am not saying we cannot win. I am not saying womens basketball has to be a moneymaker but there is only so much red the school will sink into a program.

    Kelly was a smart man. He wanted to play at EKL because a thousand, or even two thousand in the Cajun Dome has zero atmoshphere. THe mens games do not get any kind of atmosphere until you get around 6K fans. Still he only got around 500 or half the seating in EKL with excellant teams. Rogers is getting half that with awful teams.

    VO saying bring in a competent coach is easy. Getting that coach for a salary that we can currently afford is another. There are hall of fame coahes out there yet to be discovered who would jump on this job at this salary, we just do know who they are. To get a coach who will excite the fan base, that does not exist at this university, and actually will be able start winning? That is going to take big bucks. VO to get a coach like that, one who we all would have confidence in would cost how much? Two, three, four hundred K IMO.

    I acknowledged already that we are going to pretty much have to pay at least one hundred K to get any coach. So the quest is to come up with the additional dollars. How, or more exactly who is going to pony up that money? I do not believe at this time that person or group exists, so we are going to hire a coach who we HOPE can be that diamond in the rough.

    In another post Turb suggests it will take almost two decades to build a great fan base. Brother that ain't working. UL will not pay more than they absolutely have to in order to get a coach. To lose an additional hundred K or more a year after year until you can at least cover the additional coast with support is not realistic.

    The point of this whole thread is what an awful coach we have and it has to change. That is fine, but to take it to the next step that it will be really easy to get that great coach who will change things. That is the implied comments, and it could happen, but I might also win the Louisiana Lottery with one ticket Saturday, but I would not count on it. No tradition, no money equals a very long shot.

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    Default Re: Anybody Counting... 11 in a row

    The pic was from McNeese vs BC game, I apoligize for the mishap, well we know what needs to happen... Lets make all our sports good, every year

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