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Thread: Anyone up for testing CHaT ? (BETA test) (copied to page)

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    Default Anyone up for testing CHaT ? (BETA test) (copied to page)

    IF so, to to Game Room

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    Default Re: Anyone up for testing CHaT ?

    If you go leave the room open so others can come and see you

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    Default Re: Anyone up for testing CHaT ?

    Welcome! You have entered [UL Game Room] at 5:55 pm
    Turbine > adsfadfasdfasdfasdfadsfasdf
    [UL Game Room]: Hatch has left at 5:58 pm
    [UL Game Room]: Hatch has entered at 5:58 pm
    Hatch > Turbine Still there?
    Turbine > here
    Turbine > IF you go to options and pick Louisiana 01 the colores might work better
    Hatch > when i tried to enter txt in the box it didn,t appear so I thought it wasn''t working
    Hatch > There that's better thanks
    Turbine > You make the colors do anything you like and it should memorize it
    Turbine > Is Mouton on fire or what
    Hatch > Yeah I got to go to the UNO game here in new orleans and he was on fire that night too
    Turbine > All of the sudden
    Turbine > I was hoping to go to the chamber of horrors. Do you think UNO wil play there next year?
    [UL Game Room]: jhaan79 has entered at 6:04 pm
    jhaan79 > hey all
    Turbine > Jhann you are my hero
    jhaan79 > lol whys that turbine
    Hatch > The arena still looks pretty bad, I'm a UL grad in grad school a uno right now
    Turbine > All the game updates in the past when I was away
    Turbine > HAtch HAve you ever been in Blackham for a game?
    jhaan79 > ahhhhhh, glad to do it! better when we are winnin though!
    Hatch > the charlotte gamethis year
    Turbine > Mouton is on fire
    Turbine > Which was louer BC or CoH
    jhaan79 > whats the score now (i get too frustrated listening!)......was 32-19
    Turbine > Jhaan can I get a copy of 2000 WS:cricket:
    Hatch > Coh is the same as a high school gym, it was pretty crazy with 1,000 in there though
    Turbine > commercial I'm on TV
    jhaan79 > sure, its on 2 tapes..........lemme see what it costs to ship them
    Turbine > Halftime UL 42 UALR 28
    Turbine > I will pay you double
    Turbine > I was telling HAtch if you go to options and pick louisiana 01 the colors might be better
    jhaan79 > yeah whenever the cajuns have been on tv i've tried to get them taped......shut off the western game a little to early though! i like watchin them win!
    Turbine > IF you want a copy of todays game I can send you a CD
    jhaan79 > id like to see what everyone has to offer, thats why i started that one post a while back.........i'd really like the texas a&m game in 96 where mason went crazy
    [UL Game Room]: RomeClone00 has entered at 6:11 pm
    Turbine > I now have a copy. Want to trade? :huh:
    Turbine > RomeClone00 what is up?
    jhaan79 > u have a copy of the game turbine?
    Turbine > Yes I traded Destin for the Monroe game:fball:
    RomeClone00 > hoping to hear some good news about the men's game
    Turbine > 42 -28 UL:bball:
    RomeClone00 > excellent
    jhaan79 > mouton has 18?!
    jhaan79 > wow
    Turbine > Mouton has I think 5 3-pointers
    [UL Game Room]: RomeClone00 has left at 6:14 pm
    Turbine > IF anyone leaves don't close the window and you can catch up later
    Turbine > oops to late for RomeClone00
    Turbine > Did you see the video of the Autistic kid shooting 3-pointers?
    jhaan79 > turbine......u want all 4 cws games or just the clemson game with the steal of home and the dramatic ending?
    Hatch > yeah great stuff
    jhaan79 > no, didnt see that vid turbine
    Hatch > did you see the interview when he said he was hotter than the pistol?
    Turbine > Did you hear the story?
    Turbine > How long before they make a movie?
    Hatch > yeah thats a movie for sure
    jhaan79 > where could i find that video guys?
    Turbine > Jhaan I would love all 4 but do not expect you to put yourself out. Are there any good plays that we can archive for the website?
    Hatch > it was on espn.com a few days ago
    jhaan79 > i could copy all 4 turbine, no biggie........u could put on all the homers, and the stealing of home
    jhaan79 > i remember jarvis larry really gettin' a hold of one against san jose st for instance
    Turbine > http://www.raginpagin.com/louisiana/sh...d.php?t=10005
    [UL Game Room]: RaginCajun77 has entered at 6:21 pm
    RaginCajun77 > Hello in here...
    Turbine > RC77 what is up?
    Turbine > That would be great jh79
    RaginCajun77 > not much, thought I would check out chat
    Turbine > jarvis larry
    RaginCajun77 > its cool
    RaginCajun77 > so when are we going to bolt down the UL disks?
    [UL Game Room]: Hatch has left at 6:25 pm
    Turbine > you can make the chat look like you want it should remember for next time
    RaginCajun77 > :yeah:
    Turbine > 47 37
    RaginCajun77 > :beer:
    Turbine > :clap:
    jhaan79 > well hey all, im gonna get off of here for a while, talk to u guys later!
    [UL Game Room]: jhaan79 has left at 6:29 pm
    Turbine > Can you see the UL logo in the background?
    RaginCajun77 > no
    Turbine > I think it only shows with a white background or some I have to chnge a setting
    Turbine > Check out Cameron bringing the ball up the floor
    Turbine > cheap fouls. bad calls
    [UL Game Room]: shammy has entered at 6:44 pm
    Turbine > shammy
    Turbine > :awe:
    [UL Game Room]: shammy has left at 6:45 pm
    [UL Game Room]: CajunConnection has entered at 6:45 pm
    Turbine > CajunConnection how are you ?
    CajunConnection > Watching the game.
    Turbine > 51-43
    CajunConnection > Will be watching some baseball tommorrow. should be good weather.
    Turbine > IF you go to options and pick Louisiana01 the colors might look better
    Turbine > What time is UL playing 4pm ?
    CajunConnection > yes a double header with Monroe.
    [UL Game Room]: Rebel02 has entered at 6:48 pm
    Turbine > Rebel02 hello what is up?
    Rebel02 > just testing this out
    Rebel02 > time to go back and watch the cajuns get another W
    Turbine > Rebel02 IF you go to options and pick Louisiana01 the colors
    might look better
    CajunConnection > The Purdue pitcher last nite was good!
    CajunConnection > 51-44
    Turbine > I guess Purdue and Kansas State are heading home?
    CajunConnection > Wish we could have played Kansas
    Turbine > 5 point game not good
    CajunConnection > Little rock coming back (<:
    [UL Game Room]: Rebel02 has left at 6:50 pm
    CajunConnection > Barksdale commits another stupid foul
    Turbine > Stupid yes I thought accidental
    Turbine > No Southall in the game has changed momentum
    CajunConnection > Tuner. Saw where he was tabbed newcomer of the year in one magazine. Were they wrong!!
    Turbine > Were they ever, waht were they thinking
    CajunConnection > Cajuns need to hold on
    CajunConnection > Man o Man
    Turbine > not good
    CajunConnection > This was a 15 pt lead not that lonf ago
    Turbine > seems like two games ago
    CajunConnection > I know a lot of us have hopes,but I do not see the Cajuns being able to win 3 in the tournament
    Turbine > Impossible? no Hard? VERY
    Turbine > Home court advantage kicking in for UALR
    CajunConnection > find out it has chat also
    Turbine > Think I should get rid of it?
    [UL Game Room]: CajunDave has entered at 6:59 pm
    CajunConnection > no
    Turbine > Tennis anyone?
    CajunDave > what up?
    CajunConnection > a close game
    CajunDave > how are the cajuns doing?
    CajunConnection > up by one
    Turbine > They were up by 15 now only 1 51-50
    CajunDave > how much time left
    CajunConnection > 6:18
    Turbine > IF you go to options and pick Louisiana01 the colors might look better
    CajunDave > ______, come on cajuns
    Turbine > 1 point game 5:54
    CajunDave > can you believe the softball team.
    Turbine > Dwayne 2 point breaks 13 UALR run
    CajunConnection > Hope they can get Tenn
    Turbine > 139-4 softball UNBELIEVABLE
    CajunDave > me too, I guess the pitcher at Tennessee is one of the best in the country
    CajunDave > But we have a pretty dynamic duo ourselves
    Turbine > Cameron 2 fouled and scores
    CajunDave > Looser State University lost 2 games today,
    CajunConnection > cajuns coming back
    CajunDave > we need this game, come on Cajuns
    Turbine > Geaux Cajuns 56-52 Dwayne at the line
    Turbine > 3:51
    Turbine > Dave the LAdy Cajuns tennis upset was HUGE
    Turbine > :tennis:
    [UL Game Room]: CajunDave has left at 7:07 pm
    CajunConnection > Does that Chase stuff work???
    [UL Game Room]: CajunDave has entered at 7:08 pm
    Turbine > Never tried but something similar in the 80 failed with me
    Turbine > Dave the LAdy Cajuns tennis upset was HUGE:tennis:
    CajunDave > that was amazing. The girls are building a nice program, It is ashame they did not get to play Southern this weekend
    Turbine > DW makes his first
    CajunConnection > hang on
    Turbine > and his second 58-52 3:44:bball:
    RaginCajun77 > Geaux Cajuns!!
    CajunConnection > turnover
    CajunDave > I have to run, talk to you guys laterl. Geaux Cajuns--all sports
    CajunConnection > later
    Turbine > Thanks
    [UL Game Room]: CajunDave has left at 7:10 pm
    CajunConnection > This is a nice site
    Turbine > Thanks a work in progress
    CajunConnection > alternate between her and Delphi
    Turbine > WhenDelphi threatened to close in 2002 we opened this
    CajunConnection > Hve been on Delphi since it opened .As on the first one
    CajunConnection > can not spell
    [UL Game Room]: RaginCajun77 has left at 7:12 pm
    Turbine > I recall the first was run by Andrus of Saintsreport.com
    Turbine > 59-54 2:20
    CajunConnection > Some lawyer trashed it
    Turbine > Really I did not know the story
    Turbine > 59-56 1:51
    CajunConnection > Can not rember his name but only a couple of us were on it in those early days. He would come on and post trash.
    Turbine > I know the current delphi board was actually started by a LATech fan . . . on behalf of UL fans
    CajunConnection > yes and jay took it over
    CajunConnection > wow
    Turbine > BARKSDALE
    CajunConnection > how long has the chat been here?
    Turbine > A few weeks today is the first time we use it. You are a beta user. Thanks
    [UL Game Room]: shammy has entered at 7:16 pm
    [UL Game Room]: shammy has left at 7:16 pm
    Turbine > IF a nwe user signs in they can't see the previous posts
    CajunConnection > Chat rooms are one area schools will filter out. I will not tell them about this.keep it on
    Turbine > 63-56 :50
    Turbine > will do
    CajunConnection > get this win!!
    CajunConnection > !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Turbine > :shock::grin::heart::earth:
    Turbine > Ten point lead
    Turbine > I heard Mitchell has been invited to an NBA camp
    CajunConnection > he will make a good addition to some team.
    CajunConnection > let's end it
    Turbine > Ice it DW
    CajunConnection > A win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Turbine > SWEET let USA defeat UNT
    CajunConnection > Wll lets hope the baseball team can get 2 tommorrow
    CajunConnection > enjoyed it Turbine
    Turbine > They really need some field time:cricket:
    CajunConnection > agree
    CajunConnection > later
    Turbine > Thanks a lot CC
    [UL Game Room]: CajunConnection has left at 7:25 pm
    [UL Game Room]: RaginCajun111 has entered at 7:25 pm
    Turbine > Hey RC111
    RaginCajun111 > hello
    RaginCajun111 > just finished watching the game
    Turbine > UL wins by 10
    Turbine > We need Southall
    RaginCajun111 > yeah, didn't score for like 9 minutes when he went out
    Turbine > Heyif you go to options and click Louisiana 01 the colors might look better
    RaginCajun111 > i like this feature
    RaginCajun111 > and wanted to say thanks for this board, ragincajuns.com is not always the most up to date source
    Turbine > The square box between options an save is the color of your post
    Turbine > Thanks RC111 this website is a work in progress
    Turbine > Save is if we wanted to grab all the chat posts and post on the RagePAge
    RaginCajun111 > so basically a copy paste?
    Turbine > yes
    RaginCajun111 > nice
    Turbine > The win was huge for UL now we need USA to beat UNT
    RaginCajun111 > which they should, and a loss by denver also correct?
    Turbine > If I did a copy paste you could catch up on all the frivolous chat posts that occured before you arrived
    RaginCajun111 > alright, go for it

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