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    Re: Napier in The Jungle with Jim R

    Virus or no virus... I'm not waiting until 2024
  2. Re: Inside The Birdcage - Almost Bowling

    That was my memory.. But as a student that year... well let's just say brain cells have since regenerated since then
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    Re: Kevin Foote Joins 103.7 "The Game"

    See ya Dairy Queen Man
  4. Re: New ESPN 1420 Programming Lineup Begins on Monday

    I like Greg L.... He came in and made a concerted effort to learn local sports... especially Cajuns I thought.... I love Jay even though he manages to ____ me off a lot.... The guy is a good sports...
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    Re: Something new on

    Nice article Jay... If i recall correctly in 2000 we had the second semi-final game. For 2-3 hours there were only 3 teams left so I choose to look at it as not a tie for 3rd but that we came in 3rd...
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    Re: Rock N Roll Bands

    I'm all-in on your top 3... Google "The worlds Greatest Rock and Roll Band"... Rolling Stones comes up.. If it's on the internet it has to be true
  7. Yep. Any other school might be ok. We don't know...

    Yep. Any other school might be ok. We don't know our place
  8. Re: Cajun baseball gains two commitments

    Amen!!!!!!!!!! this is what I have been screaming about when it comes to football... And yes yes yes... I know its tougher in football... but you have to get a couple of top level players recruited...
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    Re: Can someone translate this for me?

    This sounds a lot like Billy.... only in a very uncool way:eek:
  10. Poll: Re: Predict the Record: Ragin's Cajun Football 2010

    Well remember

    We are young


    We dont have enough money

    You hurt the team's confidence if you post negative stuff on this board
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    Re: UNT improves realignment resume

    Well guess I am borderline crazy.... Much political position happens in the media.... As Obama.... Sure back office phone calls are important and i sure hope are happening.... But you have to play...
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    Re: UNT improves realignment resume

    Well I'm sure they have the I's to dot and the T's to cross...

    And I'm sure right now, as the rest of the college sports world is actively positioning themselves, our guys are on a "Well...
  13. Re: Rumor on CUSA Board

    Guilty as charged on Dr. Walker... I have never met the man.... Is that not part of the problem? For all his limitations. Schexnayder was out among the fans and was always willing to talk about...
  14. Re: Rumor on CUSA Board

    Gee... what a radical thought..... maybe we might suggest it to those folks over in the Athletic Dept..... think???
  15. Re: Rumor on CUSA Board

    Thats what I am trying to say.... and all this talk about how good a man Walker is and how the coaches really like that he had bottled water put into their offices does not mean squat right now.......
  16. Re: Rumor on CUSA Board

    I have no quarrel with anything that you say.... He probably is a very good administrator and probably does a wonderful job of dealing with the economics or lack there-of.

    I also agree that he is...
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