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one step at a time

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well, lets don't get all depressed about the okla st game. Rather than concentrating on the negatives, lets be glad about how we didn't give up. Remember, Coach Hud has the task of not only upgrading the program, but every aspect of our beloved program.. Our freshmen competed and we did make mistakes . This was the first step of a new system, attitude, and direction toward building a respectable program. As with any change, sometimes there will be bumps in the road that you have to fix along the way. Coach Hud, if your reading this keep up the good work and a sincere thanks to our players who fought to the end!!!
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  1. Turbine's Avatar
    Thanks for the positive.
  2. MissingMandy's Avatar
    As I sat there on Saturday in a virtual sea of orange...I was so proud to wear my UL shirt. It was an incredible feeling when our boys ran out of the tunnel. You could see and feel the change...the hope and desire in their faces and in the way they carried themselves. They were ready...they had worked hard and they came there to win. In my heart I knew the odds were against them but I was hoping that this would be one of those games that went down in history. It wasn't as we all know but it was different. Sure there were some mistakes but we put up 37 points against a nationally ranked team. 37 points would win any game. We never gave up...we never even looked tired. This was a learning experience for these boys and this year we will not face an opponent as good. So the usual naysayres can put everything down they can think of....go for it. Bottom line is ....this team is different. Every little detail is different...thought about.....changed. From a parents perspective Coach Hud is a gift. Mark my words....this team will carry UL to a bowl.