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What invidual felt he is larger than UL's history

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Imagine if you will Joe Pa retires and Penn St hires a new coach and he wants to use red as an accent color in the uniforms. Or Nick Saban announcing he will have black pants or helmets. Southern Miss hires a new coach and he announces he will have red pants. Or lsu hires a new coach in January with Mardi Gras season in full swing sees a flag and likes green with the purple and gold and says he will add green to the uni. In each of these cases that coach would be sent packing on the first bus out of town by the fan base because these schools have too much pride and tradition to let that individual be larger then there institution.

I have been a fan of UL my whole life I spent the first 4 years of my life in married student housing and 5 years in school in the late 80's early 90's. Throughout our schools history the colors have been vermillion and white. As a matter of fact today in media guides it still lists the schools colors as vermillion and white and no others. In history and up until the end of the Stokley, Boulanger, and Fletcher eras there were only 2 colors in the uniform.

The reason for this post is I would like to know who woke up one day and decided that I am bigger then this school that has existed 100 years? It doesn't matter to me what the school colors are I am going to put black in the uniform. To me that was an extremely selfish act for this individual to think because I like black I can change an entire university's colors and have no respect for those who came before me and choose them. Let a coach try that at a school that has a fan base with passion and pride and see how long that last. Shame on us for just accepting it. The thing that is most disappointing is that our fan base is so passive and our school lacks any tradition what so ever we just take it quietly. Part of the reason we don't have tradition and identifiable uniforms is because we have changed them to much over the years. I can think 5 different helmets we have had in my life time. Imagine if you add a black one now no one outside of Acadiana will know who we are.

Before you reply "I like black" this is bigger than what you like. I like several uniforms that look good that are NOT our colors. Or if you are going to say "recruits like them" I can show you several schools that don't have black in their uniforms and have stuck to their traditional colors who recruit pretty darn well. We don't need black to recruit.

Come on Cajun fans it time we have a little pride and passion and not let some "INDVIDUAL" be large then our institution. We should be beating down the doors on Reinhardt Dr. demanding our colors back.

I am not taking a shot at coach Hud this goes back long before he was hired.
Coach Robichaux
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