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Microsoft Surface Tablets

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Microsoft's future goes on sale soon. The first Surface tablet, Microsoft's dramatic foray into the hardware business, is available for pre-order starting today. At a small event at its Redmond headquarters on Monday, Microsoft at last announced pricing and availability for the highly anticipated Surface for Windows RT tablet the 32GB base model will cost $499, or $599 with a Touch Cover.

When Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky first began describing the space, he talked about Andriod tablets. In short: The iPad is in Microsoft's head. Microsoft seems to have decided that the tablet is the gateway between mobile and desktop. The tablet runs a stripped-down version of Windows 8, Microsoft's next-generation operating system, without the desktop. A big question about Surface has been its cover / keyboard, the Touch Cover. Microsoft is also offering a 64GB Surface, with Touch Cover, for $699.

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