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A+ For Stillwater Gameday Experience

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After a long drive up to OKC Friday, and a little fun that night, my Dad and I drove up to Stillwater at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. From the moment we parked until the time we left Boone Pickens Stadium in the rear view mirror it was a First Class Game day experience.

The minute we parked we found a very friendly group of Louisiana fans setting up a Ragin Cajun tent. After visiting with them and eating some NuNu's Chicken sausage we made our way to the stadium to pick up our tickets. While walking towards the stadium we greeted with "Welcome to Stillwater" and "Enjoy the Game" by almost every Cowboy Fan that we passed. We were offered beer and food from several groups of tailgaters. My Dad and I kept looking at each other in amazement of how friendly and nice EVERYONE that we came across was to the visiting fans.

As a Ragin Cajun Fan I believe that we have a great fan base that is very friendly to visitors, but I have to admit, I believe that OSU fans have us beat. It is like they all get together and make a point to be known as an overly friendly fan base. The campus and stadium are beautiful and everything about the game day experience, except the performance of the Cajuns of course, was first class.

From now on I will pull for the Cowboys to win, and would encourage anyone to try to make a trip up to Stillwater. I wish that every Cajun fan could go to a game there to see how you are treated as a visitor. It is something that we should strive for as a fan base.

After watching the clock strike 0:00 and wishing some Cowboy fans a speedy recovery for their injured players, we began the journey home. We arrived in Lafayette at 3 a.m. and am still recovering from a long trip.
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