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USA Today article on athletic revenue

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Well, first and foremost, I'm happy to have the supporters that we have. Yes, we need many many more. They are out there. When you did what we did for 40 years, you just don't reignite the passion lost... overnight. Our management was like a father that neglected his kids for a decade. Do you think when he says "I'm ready to re-establish a relationship with you" that they are just going to spin on a dime and come running to daddy? They built other coping mechanisms into their lives. They built paths to places they knew they could count on, places and people they understand and that understand them. You cannot reignite a relationship after decades of neglect. There's a special connection... but it was severed.

Our management has to be the major risk-takers. They may have to perform 10 acts of commitment without expecting a huge return... before they'll see that much more stubborn layer of support that's needed.

I feel in many ways we are telling T-Joe "jump and don't worry... people you've never met will show up to be your parachute". I realize it has to be pretty un-nerving for a person that knows he really could just stay in his office, run the business as usual, and not worry about "big time college athletics". But, I believe he wants the benefits. I believe somewhere in him he has that kind of pride. I sincerely hope he gets enough of a peak at the parachute to at least not feel like he's going to have to fall very far before it opens. The luxurious problems after the parachute opens are fantastic.
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