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  1. ULM billboard at University Ave and I-10

    Quote Originally Posted by charliek View Post
    Hell we have a radio station in North Louisiana in our network. They can have the billboard.
    Dont forget about Shreveport too. 100K fm station that covers all of nw LA and west to almost Tyler. Better radIo coverage area than Tech in that region.
  2. UL Offensive players to look out for in 2012


    Andre Huval - No offense can succeed without great offensive line play. Andre is an unheralded player, who last year, I believe played with a lot of nicks, bumps, & bruises without any relief the whole season & never complained a lick. He was a BIG reason the Cajuns got off to such a great start & was responsible for the seamless transition from Masson to Gautier & back. However, as the season wore on & the grind got longer without any early bye weeks ...
  3. Rationale Behind RCAF Parking

    I've read a number of comments both positive and negative concerning the new RCAF parking policy over the last few days. Rather than making it personal about those that I may disagree with, let's look at the rationale behind the decision and why it must be done.

    For many years the UL Football program has been dysfunctional at best, with losing or mediocre seasons on the field. The administration had to basically give away tickets or parking passes to get causal and diehard Cajun fans ...
  4. Congratulations Coach Stefni and Coach Mike

    I wanted to congratulate Stefni Lotief "Pitching Genius Coach" on getting her 600th win in the final game vs Stanford of the UL Regional, to win the Regional. Congratulations.

    I also want to congratulate Michael Lotief "Batting Guru Coach" on getting his 500th win last night against the Defending National Champs Arizona State. Congratulations.

    You two are special.

    I know I am going to get in trouble for this unwanted (but not unwarranted) attention, and ...
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