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  1. What invidual felt he is larger than UL's history

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    Imagine if you will Joe Pa retires and Penn St hires a new coach and he wants to use red as an accent color in the uniforms. Or Nick Saban announcing he will have black pants or helmets. Southern Miss hires a new coach and he announces he will have red pants. Or lsu hires a new coach in January with Mardi Gras season in full swing sees a flag and likes green with the purple and gold and says he will add green to the uni. In each of these cases that coach would be sent packing on the first bus
    Ragin' Cajuns
  2. Cajun's Tuesday Morning Practice Photos

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    Louisiana's Ragin'Cajuns are in their second week of fall practices preparing for the season opener against Oklahoma State. The Cajun Redzone was able to take a few photos of Tuesday's morning practice.

    Story Link
    Thanks for the Pictures again Cajun T. It helps seeing something being unable to attend and watch practice. Keep it up!
    Ragin' Cajuns
  3. preview of the uniforms

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    Instead of crying about what is or isn't our new unis.. man up and tell hud yourself saturday night at the RCAF function... i'd assume all of you with are members which means you carry more clout than someone posts their dislike on a message board.
    Instead of crying about people crying about the uniforms stay out of this thread.
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  4. Hud on Bird's Eye View

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    Anybody catch what was said? I got pulled away from the radio before Hud came on and by the time I got back, it was over.
    Coach Hud stated that he expected the cajuns to play 4 quarters of intense football and he expects all fans to show up early and stay until the end. It's a team effort that includes the players, cheerleaders, band, crowd, and university. He wants Cajun Field to be a tough place for opponents to win.
    Ragin' Cajuns
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